A Call for Presenters

Leveraging the Power of People:

A One-Day Intensive Masterclass


Come share your ideas which will create our one-day intensive masterclass experience for the professional community. We are looking for talented and enthusiastic speakers who can provide valuable insight on professional development, self-leadership, and success. This is not a sell your book, sell your coaching, sell your course. This is an opportunity to present your brand in a specific manner.

Leveraging the Power of People – A One-Day Intensive Masterclass being held October 26th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is created to bring like-minded people local experts to share their life experiences and success. We want participants to leave with details on how to identify, process and accomplish goals in 2020, while creating a community. Speaking at Leveraging the Power of People™ is an opportunity to share your knowledge, experiences and ideas through our format dedicated to Inform and Inspire™ the participants. No travel or hotel accommodations are offered for presenters.

This masterclass target audience is working adults, 25-to-54-years of age, with a minimum of two years of college education, employed, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Masterclass Date: October 26, 2019

Location: Greater Milwaukee Area

Total Number of Presenters Needed: Four+

Session information: The presentations will last 15 to 50 minutes with one group activity. The presentation will be informative to the audience and utilizing specific five-to-seven tactics, techniques and procedures to follow for success.

The second set of presentations will last 15 to 50 minutes with one group activity. The presentation will be inspirational to the audience by offering five-to-seven motivational suggestions to help the audience live life to the fullest.

The final hour of the day will bring key members of the entire group together to discuss three specific, new points based on advanced audience demographics, followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Guidelines for Submission: We are looking to cultivate highly engaging, insightful sessions which help attendees make themselves and their organizations more productive and efficient. This means personal development and professional development are at the forefront of this experience.

Proposals should be as specific as needed regarding topics you will cover in the presentation experience and how it will benefit the audience. This is an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, and to inform and inspire attendees to empower themselves and their organizations through the use of your ideas.

Topics include, and are not limited to:

Assertiveness, Attitude, Career, Communication, Confidence, Efficiency, Families, Happiness, Interview, Leadership, Listening, Motivation, Organization, Parenting, Passion, Presenting, Public Speaking, Purpose, Relationships, Self-Leadership, and Vision. 

Interested? please email contact@talentedstrategies.com with the following information:

 1.    First and Last Name

2.    Email Address

3.    Telephone with text capability

4.    LinkedIn page URL

5.    Resume (limit to two (2) pages)

6.    A 500-word statement detailing why you would be an ideal presenter and topic area (word count strictly enforced)

Final deadline is submission is August 15, 2019 at 11:59 central time. Participants will be notified of their acceptance by August 31, 2019 via email.

Thank you.

 Dr. Kenneth Harris, Jr., Chief Strategist

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